Addressing Bethel in Your Fellowship

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Addressing Bethel in Your Fellowship

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What is heresy?

Heresy takes place when a person who teaches about the Bible inserts their own concepts, to the degree that the original meaning and intent of scripture is skewed. A current heretical christian movement has grown over the last several decades and presents new challenges to many local churches. True to the nature of heresy, this new movement is, at first, hard to identify as a counterfeit.

On the Behel Redding website, it states they believe,  “– The Bible to be the inspired and only infallible and authoritative Word of God.” The following documents will help you determine if the Bethel Redding Church is teaching truth according to the Bible, or if their teaching is heresy and if it matters to you.

If You Don’t Love Theology, You Don’t Love God

What is God’s Holiness


The book “The Physics Of Heaven” is published by Destiny Image. A Bethel publishing company. Here are a few reviews from Amazon:

1) Amazon Bethel Book Review

First, I spent three years living in Redding as a student of BSSM, and graduated the year this was released. I never read it till now. To say I am disturbed by this book is almost an understatement. I got delivered from the New Age when I was about 16, and Jesus made it very clear to me that Deuteronomy 18:9 onward was to be taken seriously. And, getting completely free came at a price!!! So to see Christian leaders I’ve trusted endorsing the New Age point blank made me feel sick to my stomach. This book is full of pseudoscience, quantum mysticism (which again, is not science), and other debunked science. What makes me fume is it’s mixed in with some legitimate things, like radiation therapy and colour and sound therapy, which are not mystical at all. They take a leap from that to, “New Age healing is just like that, but quantum,” which is bogus.

I can’t believe I even have to say this. The book is full of New Age endorsement, and teaches that the New Age practices are “the kingdom” Jesus spoke about, and the reason the New Age is deception is only because they aren’t saved. This is a blatant heresy. Again, I spent three years at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, and while some people were maybe a little “weirder” than me, I assumed the only ones endorsing the New Age were the fringe people who hadn’t matured. I am hoping ignorance is the problem. We need to have our eyes opened.

I think, ironically, the most dangerous deception in the book is the statement that “you can’t get deceived if you love Jesus and trust Him to keep you safe, so it’s okay to “study the counterfeits.”” [that’s my paraphrase] This is not what the bible teaches about deception, at all. The bible teaches us to know scripture and beware deception, because many will fall away and be deceived. That is the opposite of what this book is teaching.

2) The Physics Of Heaven Review

This is not a Christian book. Its teachings are completely contrary to scripture. Think I’m being too uptight? Watch Cultish’s series on the heresy of this entire Bethel movement. Christians have no business buying these anti-Christian philosophies. This book is an abomination to the Lord.

3) Destiny Image Book Review

One of the best NewAge books I’ve read



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